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Totalitarian State or not?

At a time when regional print media has become a victim of bottom line pressure, with a resultant reduction in the frequency of editions, local publications such as the Manning Community News, have become a very important tool in the dissemination of information and opinion in our region.

Given that situation,  the various spokespersons for government at all levels, would do well to develop a positive relationship with those influential editors of community publications.

If they don’t, or refuse to engage in comment, then they have themselves to blame if opinion weighs against them.

There have been reports over the years of threats against innocent local journalists, who dared to call local politicians to task.

The freedom of the press is expected and fundamental in a society where totalitarianism plagues other countries but has no place in our great nation.

Not everyone will agree with the opinion of editors but it is after all an opinion and if this promotes discussion and enquiry or heaven forbid, calls for increased public accountability by government or those elected, then the opinion expressed has served us well.

Alan Tickle

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