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Dear Editor,

This is a copy of a letter I have sent to the Minister for Local Government

Hello Minister Hancock,

I am sending this email to highlight the performance and neglect of the Mid Coast Council.

As a resident of Taree I am disillusioned and disgusted with the Council operation starting with the ‘front office’ (Councillors) and Senior Administration by neglecting many of the basic requirements within our region.

I am one of many, hundreds and maybe thousands of disgruntled ratepayers concerned with the inept performance of the Council to uphold the image of a once fine country township.

Within the town I wish to highlight the neglect with filth and poor house-keeping, these matters having been unattended for many months and in some cases, years.

Among urgent repairs are faulty hand dryers in public toilets, (yes, faulty in the COVID 19 time frame), metres of bitumen eroded and regular pot-holes in local streets, weeds and also damaged concrete in roundabouts along with twisted street signs facing incorrectly.

Dead trees, branches in parks and piles of leaves make it vandal conducive to fire. Centennial Park gates have moss growing and require painting . Public toilets have piles of pigeon droppings on the structure, a health hazard and eyesore. A sure sign for tourists to spread the word to by-pass the town. The basic neglect above is only within Taree, god only knows what concerns are in the overall electorate…yes, an electorate too big to control!!

The above items are only some of the failings of neglect by Council. You would be aware of other correspondence relating to other problems calling for Council to be relieved of its’ operation. When is enough is enough? I am pleading, begging and most of all demanding immediate action from you and Premier Berejiklian. Have this inept Council replaced. The Premier’s visit during our fires was not the time to approach her, now is the time.

Please read this several times to allow the words, filth, hygiene and neglect to sink in and ask why a town ratepayer is making contact.


With thanks

Les Eastaway



  • You hit the nail on the head, Les. Great article.

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