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Dear Editor,

My cousin lives in Adelaide and is an ex soldier. He met a chap in Vietnam, he said from Kempsey. I checked with the family historical Society( I think) in Kempsey and they told me to call the RSL in Taree, which I did. It was the day the Clubs were closed for the virus but someone called me and said they would be in touch when they could get back to normal. 

The man we are looking for is Frederick Allan Chapman, born in Taree 8.3.45 and served in Vietman, Headquarters Australian Force Vietnam, Army Component, from 5/12/1967 to 5/2/1968 but was still in the Army from 6/2/1968 to 3/12/1968. 

This info was given to me from the Kempsey group. My cousin
Michael Chapman is the gentleman who is searching for him as he was his “boss” in Vietnam.

Just knowing if he is alive or not would satisfy Michael. Thank you for any assistance. 

Kind regards. 

Kathy Wicks.

(My maiden name was Chapman and we were to hold a Chapman re-union in Macksville at Easter but Corona stopped that, all set for next year if we are out of the mess.)

Contact if you can help. 

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