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Dear editor

The mighty Manning River has two exits to the ocean where every other river on the eastern seaboard has one exit to the ocean. Every major river has two break walls, Northern and southern, except the Manning River. The Harrington seawall was abandoned due to the Second World War and then put in the too hard basket due to availability and difficulty of rocks being brought from Crowdy Head quarry. The construction of our break walls today could be achieved by placing a concrete plant at Manning Point Reserve for southern wall at Harrington and Farquhar reserve for North wall at Old Bar, Mud Bishops reserve for southern wall at Old Bar. This plant can be relocated to these spots to make concrete blocks for the sea walls within little interference to the local population.

The New South Wales and or federal government’s owe the Manning Valley this project before the river dies. The advantages of having these walls.

  1.  would prevent Taree and environs from flooding – first recorded flood 1866. Without the Old Bar entrance Taree always floods and there is more to come.

  2.  the health of the river for oyster farmers and recreational fisherman and families.

  3.  the replenishment of sand on to Old Bar Beach and no more erosion.

  4.  prevent sand build up at Harrington and old bar entrance to make safer bar.

  5.  tourism and the growth of the Manning Valley.

Steamships from Sydney and Newcastle used Old Bar entrance to enter the Manning River. Many years ago nature provided a south break wall at this entrance (still seen today at Mud Bishops called soft rocks) this southern wall was made up mostly of coffee rock which run out from Mud Bishops to the north of the caravan park and now has eroded, hence the name Old Bar.

This south wall at Old Bar is needed for the rebirth of our river and beach. The Manning River is a major player in our valley that needs looking after let’s hope the people in charge of our coastline do what is necessary and soon. I shall send my concerns to our state and federal members Steve Bromhead and David Gillespie and encourage all our voters to do the same. Thank you for your Manning Valley Community News so we can share our view for the betterment of our valley.

Resident for 40 years

Richard Berry

Old Bar

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