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The upcoming council election should remind the voters of the Taree region that our last Taree lot got sacked. Some of those failures and embarrassments want another go. Drain the swamp seems to be the peoples choice in headlines so here is the chance. Economic management of the Manning and surrounds must be a standout priority and commitment of the new council. Rumours abound that to get elected this time around it will only be the No 1 spot on the grouped ticket (of 6 candidates) above the line that will get the nod. 11 groups may be all that is needed . IMO it would be a great chance for voters of the northern area to remember who the previous Taree councillors were (for that 17 years) that have arrogantly denied the Harrington and surrounds their anticipated Nursing Home/Aged Care facilities, that’s now 17 years of let downs and broken agreements and the rot looks like continuing. Combine that with an unfinished southern wall, an unfinished river entrance and a dilapidated crowdy harbour along with a neglected state park all being forgotten projects. State and Federal Governments have oodles of spare money (120 mil on a rainbow the latest )  being wasted so let’s get some action and attention here with some people with vision on September 9. Shame that local government elections are being politicised by Labor and Liberal.


Bob Smith BM

Harrington NSW

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