Antiques & Collectables

Collect the past and invest in your future, with the accumulation of knowledge and great finds with their history to research and share. 

I love the history that comes with searching out and researching these interesting objects.

Recently, Jen and I had a trip to the west coast of Canada, the Rocky Mountains, and did a bus, train and cruise tour. The scenery was spectacular and the people we met, both local and from the tour, were friendly and a pleasure to be around. We met a couple on our tour group and did the usual, “Where do you come from?” They came from Elebana in Newcastle. After more discussion, it turned out they were the parents-in-law of our son-in-law’s best friend when going through school. Small world!

Our discussion came around to what we all did. I was saying I dabble in antiques, in retirement, and help people out with appraisals. As it happened, their 94 year old mother had recently been placed in a nursing home. We were asked if we would we be able to come to Newcastle to appraise any things of value. Nice people, of course we said yes!

When we returned from Canada a date was set. We travelled to Bar Beach, in Newcastle, to a wonderful location opposite the beach. We had an intriguing couple of hours appraising a unit full of interesting items. I had some advice on how to disperse their mum’s unit of goods, and they asked if I wanted to buy any of the items. I did buy a few. Following a late lunch, at the Junction, with our friends, we were then able to call in and see our granddaughters (aged 4 years and 5 months) and family in Mayfield before returning home. A very entertaining, enjoyable and interesting day.

Many years ago, we were travelling back from Sydney and decided to call in at a little antique shop on the Central Coast. To my great surprise, the owner had recently been to a rare auction, in Sydney. The auction was selling the outdated Standard Weights for N.S.W. from their Imperial measures sets, as the Department of Weight had ‘gone’ Metric a number of years earlier. The shop keeper had purchased some wonderful one-off pieces.

I was able to buy two set of weights that are unique. The first is a set of cup weights, in the form of 11 cups from ¼ Troy ounce to Troy 128 ounces. The second set was the full set of thirteen Bell weights measuring 56 pounds to a  tiny ¼ ounce, with each being stamped with S.W. for Standard Weight. They were expensive, but they were also one-off unique finds. I often tell you that you have to get out to find the interesting items. I am so pleased I did as these items are two of my treasures.
I recommend collecting to everyone. Find the category or categories that suit you, or take the plunge and collect a wide variety of unique and interesting treasures, or limit yourself to just one area. It is always fun and you meet such interesting people. Collecting is a hobby that can last a lifetime.

If you have items you are not sure of, I may be able to help with information, appraisals or sales. I love looking at, and sharing the stories of, old and interesting items. Call Rex – 0427 880 546.

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