Road Trauma The Causes Are Many

The potholes haven’t gone away. The patch-up jobs on some of the worst are pretty pathetic as they don’t last. The road edges are crumbled, dropped away, or overgrown. As are roundabouts and verges.  All unsafe. Accidents waiting to happen. 

It doesn’t help that we have huge semi-trailers and BDoubles trundling along country roads never meant to take such heavy vehicles. There was a shocking incident recently near the Bight Cemetery where a local farmer moves his 100 or so cows across the Tinonee Road morning and afternoon. It’s a brief wait. However as the traffic on both lanes of the road waited as the cows crossed, a massive BDouble bowled at speed past the lined up cars overtaking all at high speed, whizzing past the tail of the last cow nearly collecting it as he overtook the two lines of traffic. 

If anyone has dashcam of the incident please let us know.

Council has a massive issue on its hands with roads, bridges and maintenance which requires money and staff…in short supply it seems!

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