Notice Re SleepBus Fund

I understand that the $65000 NSW State Government grant is now in the account of the Rotary Club of North Taree which applied for it and with which we (MHAG) have been working throughout.  I believe there is about another $25000 in that account from our and the Club’s fundraising efforts and there is $16810 in our Bed Inn Bus account at Sleepbus.  We are therefore able to order the Bus and pay the money to Sleepbus. Because there is State money involved Bob Nelson President of the Rotary Club tells me that certain paperwork still has to be done with Simon Rowe of Sleepbus to satisfy the Government and his Rotary obligations before he can hand over the $100,000.  Unfortunately as I anticipated Simon Rowe of Sleepbus tells me there are now eight buses to be bult if front of ours not six and ours won’t start until the papers are done.  His rough estimate of delivery is now some time in the first half of 2024.

Best wishes Terry Stanton for MHAG.

02 6553 1360.

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