The Desert Boatman

Rex Ellis

Boolarong Press Rrp $34.99

When some People write their autobiography it’s often said “so and so has led an amazing life….”

Well renowned bushman and boatman Rex Ellis has done enough for ten lives! 

He has been an outback adventurer, tour guide among a long list of other jobs and tasks which he has chronicled in this densely packed autobiography, filled with photos over the decades, many from places we’ll never know or have heard of, or ever get there.  

The thing about “The Desert Boatman” is that Rex is still at it, close to 60 years later. His love of the wildest and most remote (and challenging) parts of our country which he has travelled by 4WD, camel and boat, has seen him visit places never previously visited by Europeans. 

So he has many tales to tell about his trips as a tour guide and lone adventurer. He has the knowledge and ability to do things his way and survive, where others would never dare venture. 

He frets that young people today don’t have the same opportunities. Rex respects Indigenous land and knowledge, the wild life, the environment. He was out there doing “ eco and bush tours” before anyone thought of it. But he is no lover of authority , the “nanny state” or bureaucracy! 

Travel along and go bush with Rex!

He’s written 10 books and a novel and so here’s his autobiography – so far! Rex is still having adventures.


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