Maggie The Label – Australian Made Chic

A new designer presently wowing Australia’s fashion world is Maggie Meehan. Maggie’s success is based on her using nothing but sustainable fabrics. Everything is made in Australia. 

Her stylish flair and elegant yet simple sophistication is never compromised by cutting corners or using cheaper materials or foreign labour. Where her fabric comes from, matters to Maggie, as do the hands who help create her garments. She buys her fabrics from an Australian company.  Their move to linen is for its durability (30% stronger than cotton) and linen is made from the flax plant (every part of the plant is used) and does not require any pesticides or additional water other than rainwater. Linen is organic, biodegradable, recyclable and great for people with allergies and sensitive skin. Maggie has also started working with hemp denim and organic cotton, focusing on sustainable fibres. 

Now launching into a growing number of shops in most Australian states, Maggie the Label uses the Meehan family brand. She is the fourth generation to do so. Maggie’s name signifies high fashion, with a distinctive relaxed Australian style at a fair price. 

From the very beginning, Maggie has insisted on sustainability and ethics in her collections. Her dedication and hard work began by her making fashions in her garage with the help of her husband and business partner Anthony Laface. From these humble beginings she was recently invited to launch her label at Cockatoo Island in Sydney along with a selected group of significant up and coming Aussie designers, featuring in major fashion magazines. 

Maggie the Label fashions are available in a growing number of specialty shops in New South Wales, QLD, South Australia, Victoria and Tasmania and will also be available online from September 2021. 

The online store will be launching in September 2021. To shop online, visit: For any telephone enquires, contact Anthony on 0402 226 567.

Retailer enquires welcome. 

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