If you’re looking to gain greater control over the weeds on your property prior to Spring growing season, call now to arrange a free consultation.

With over 10 years’ experience in managing noxious and invasive weeds, I offer various methods of control to suit your preferences and budget, as well as a Caretaker Service for your property. Drought, Fire and Flood, along with current warm moist conditions, have all contributed to the weed growth we are currently experiencing. Creating a regular maintenance program can help keep invasive and noxious weeds under control on your property. 

For instance, Parramatta Grass is spreading rapidly at the moment in many areas. With around 85,000 seeds per plant per year, the sooner you get on top of it the better your property will be. Not only do you do yourself a favour, but the effects flow on to neighbouring properties as seed is easily spread by animals, birds, vermin, wind, people and vehicles, with seed remaining in soil often for years. Parramatta Grass offers no nutritional value to stock and indeed is full of silica, which is known to erode the teeth of animals if ingested in quantity. For those not wanting to use chemicals I have used Soil Trooper, a natural fungus product developed on the Mid North Coast, that causes crown rot.

If you have recently purchased in the area, I am happy to arrange a time to meet you and ‘walk the property’ with you to look at the weeds you may be facing.  Even more important if you are grazing stock, as a number of these weeds are toxic to animals, creating permanent damage and possible death. For example: Horses are drawn to Crofton Weed, which can cause lung and possible heart damage. Fireweed, generally only eaten by younger stock, can cause irreversible liver damage. Castor Oil Plant is fortunately not popular with stock, but if ingested it releases Ricin, which is highly toxic. Understanding the weeds and risks on your property can help to create an ongoing program of reduction.

I maintain our local railway stations, as well as race clubs, horse studs, rural, commercial and residential properties. Happy to do one-off jobs or regular weekly, monthly or quarterly program to assist you in caring for your land. Local references are available. 

You’ll find where weeds are rampant, the soil is highly acidic. I am able to arrange soil tests and work with you on what product/s to use to bring a greater alkalinity to your soil. This will discourage weeds and encourage crops and feed to grow. Sometimes a simple starter to correcting PH balance can be ‘liming’ a particular paddock. An ongoing and gradual liming program can be discussed in conjunction with your soil test results, and other referrals as needed. As well as raising the PH in soil, lime can also increase available nutrients and stimulate earthworm and microbial activity, adding calcium which helps make soil more stable. Additionally, the making and distribution of ‘weed teas’ and ‘compost teas’ can be of great benefit in controlling weeds and improving soil. 

For a comprehensive and holistic approach to your weed needs, call Greg Burch WEED WARRIOR, on 0402 830 770. 

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