(This appeared on social media and a local medico verified it’s sadly, scarily pretty accurate. Ed)

This information is for those who don’t understand what it means to be on a ventilator, but want to take the chance to ignore the current Covid-19 restrictions ….For starters, it is NOT an oxygen mask that is put over the mouth while the patient comfortably lies down and reads journals.

Proper Intubation Technique

Ventilation for Covid-19 is a painful intubation that goes down your throat and stays there until you live or you die.

It is done during anaesthesia for 2 to 3 weeks without moving, often upside down, with a tube deposited from your mouth up to the air pipe and allows you to breathe to the rhythm of the lung machine.

Patient can’t talk or eat or do anything natural – the machine keeps you alive.

Discomfort and pain they feel from this means that medical experts must administer sedatives and pain meds to ensure pipe tolerance as long as the machine is needed.

It’s like being in an artificial coma.

After 20 days from this treatment, a young patient loses 40 % muscle mass and gets trauma in the mouth or voice cords, as well as possible lung or heart complications.

It is for this reason that old or already weak people can’t stand treatment and die.

Many of us are in this boat… so stay safe if you don’t want to take the chance to end up here. This is NOT the flu!

They will put a tube in your stomach, either through your nose or skin for liquid food, a sticky bag around your butt to collect diarrhea, one to collect urine, an IV for liquids and meds, an A-line to monitor your BP it is completely dependent on finely calculated with doses, teams of nurses, CRNA and MA to move your limbs every two hours and lie on a carpet circulating ice cold liquid to help reduce your 40° degree temp.

All of this while your loved ones cannot even come to visit. You will be alone in a room with your machine. Or your mother will. Or your father. Or your son or daughter. Or wife or husband.

But…… some people still think wearing a mask is uncomfortable, humiliating and a violation of “personal freedoms”.  Get a Grip! 

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