Mayor Hits the Jackpot!

The recent review of the Local Government Remuneration Tribunal into the categories and payment of fees for Mayors and Councillors in NSW has resulted in a re-categorisation of MidCoast Council from a Regional Rural Council to a Regional Centre with the result that the allowances paid to the Mayor and Councillors could be increased significantly from 1 July 2020. 

At the 22 July MCC meeting Councillors approved what could be described as a relatively modest increase to Councillor’s annual fees, from $20,280 to $24,320 but the Mayor’s allowance has jumped from $44,250 to $60,080.  

In addition, Mayor David West also receives the Councillors increased allowance of $24,320. Added to his package is the use of a vehicle and other benefits.

(Therefore, we can assume that the two salaries plus benefits would take Mayor West’s annual income to round the one hundred thousand dollar mark?

Let’s hope this make him less rambunctious and haranguing, and we’ll expect a lot more tap dancing for our money. Editor. )

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