The loss of a beloved pet is a pain and an on going ache.

Years of familiar patterns of behaviour, their quirks, their loyalty, their mischieviousness, their companionship ended, carves a hole in your life.  

Everywhere you look you glimpse the remembered sight of them, wandering and sniffing in the garden, lying in the sun, on a favourite cushion, sitting patiently at the door. The quiet cuddles after dinner as the house sleeps and you both doze in front of late night TV. The shadow always at your heels, the playful naughtiness, the loyalty and patience. The comfort of their steadfast gaze of knowing how you’re feeling when you’re down. 

Their patience, their loyalty, and then the slow progression of a good life of many years slowly winding down. The difficult decision of letting them go in peace.

Kind and caring vets, thousands of happy memories, a member of the family not here. We did it our way. Sweet Biddi we miss you.

And now we agonise at the unfair deaths of so many creatures who do not deserve to die. 

Life can be cruel. Crueller still if its preventable. 


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