Dear Editor, 

I am very concerned with the way in which MidCoast Council have pushed ahead with the redevelopment, or should I say conversion, of the former Masters Hardware outlet despite a very significant number of predominately Manning area residents and ratepayers being opposed to the project. 

I am sure that many, like myself, feel totally disenfranchised. If the project was shown to be necessary for MidCoast Council to function it may be better understood by those of us opposed to the expenditure, now said to be in excess of $40 Million. Given the availability of fast reliable communication systems which allow numerous companies of much greater size than MidCoast Council to function effectively, both domestically and internationally, it is difficult to accept that $40 Million being spent converting a totally unsuitable building into an Office complex is justified. Our LGA has arguably the worst road and street network in NSW, numerous bridges need renewing or upgrading and our water supply system is struggling to cater to our needs. Surely, the elected Councillors should understand there are greater needs than that of spending ratepayer funds on an extravagant and seriously expensive project when so many other much needed improvements in infrastructure exist. Those whom have to rely on other than their own vehicle will experience difficulty accessing the new “Tin Shed Main Office” stuck in the wilderness, staff will be travelling significant distances to and from the site and we will be left with a legacy to the pig headed attitude of those Councillors with overinflated ego’s, much like the Taree Aviation Business Park which still, as recently as two weeks ago, has not seen any new building despite having been completed in January 2015. NBN News. 31/01/2015 • Construction of a multi-million dollar business park at Taree Airport has wrapped up. It’s hoped the development will attract new aviation businesses to the region, potentially creating dozens of new jobs. 

A forlorn hope it seems.

Tony Ryan

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