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What an interesting month. We have done some more travelling to Sydney, Newcastle and Scone, and with each destination “finds” are added to our collection. All road trips are very enjoyable.

Some events to ponder are Petersham Stamp, Coin and Banknote Fair – 31st March at Petersham Town Hall, Albury – Wodonga Antiques & Collectables Fair – 6th – 7th April at Mirambeena Community Centre, Terrigal Antiques and Vintage Fair – 13th – 14th April at Terrigal Scouts Hall, and The Shire Vintage and Collectables Fair – 28th April at Sutherland Entertainment Centre. 

One of my all-time favourites is Wentworth Park Antiques Fair and Markets at Wentworth Park in Sydney. It is held on the first Sunday of each month under the Grandstand with over one hundred stalls.

Write these down in your diary – Taree Antiques and Collectables Fair is coming up on the 4th – 5th May at Taree PCYC and a big Antiques and Collectables Clearance Auction is on the 19th May at Taree Showground.

We are so lucky in the Manning to have the re-organised and fabulous Museum in Bent St, Wingham. It truly does have a wonderful display and deserves the reputation of one of  our very best Regional Museums. If you haven’t been or haven’t been for a while it comes highly recommended. You’ll be amazed at the changes. 

Don’t forget Tinonee and Cundletown have their own Museums with a myriad of unique and varied displays. Museums are a great resource for collecting ideas.

A fad is big when it gets given a name, and in the current collecting game, “garagenalia” remains big. Decorating a shed, garage or pool room with rusty petrol signs and a few rego plates is nothing new, but these days if you want to start collecting, or add to your collection of old and rare service station items, then you’re going to have to join a long queue. The collector’s job is a never-ending search for the rare, sought after or just plain odd bit of memorabilia. Attending swap meets, antique fairs, markets, auctions, antique shops, second-hand shops and garage sales is a must to bolster the supply.

For many serious shed guys, petrol bowsers top their shopping list.

Twenty years ago you couldn’t give away a 1950s petrol bowser. Now people are paying $1000-$2000 and more for the right type.

Of the brands, Golden Fleece is the biggest selling service station collectable in Australia. It was wholly Australian owned; a lot of people remember it for the roadside restaurants; its iconic colours are appealing – the blue and yellow work well – and it’s no longer around. This makes bowsers topped with a globe-lit golden ram – the company’s emblem – highly sought after.

Other early petrol companies – Plume, Vacuum, Kangaroo and COR (Commonwealth Oil Refineries) also attract a lot of interest, but anyone wanting those brands should realise they are in for a long search. The pieces are becoming rarer.

Old enamel signs are a perennial favourite – they’re quite common and easy to display, but still worth a few shillings. Enamel fuel signs are often sold at clearance auctions and command good prices, even with wear and tear. Garage decorating and Man Cave areas began with mostly older guys who wanted their space to look cool and impress their mates. Now the younger generations are getting in on the act.

When it comes to trends such as this one, it pays to be informed before making purchases. There’s authentic and then there’s the cheap and nasty knock-offs that people can be easily fooled by. Always be aware! 

Happy hunting for the month!

I recommend collecting to all. Find a category that suits your interests & take the plunge and collect a variety of unique and interesting treasures or limit yourself to just one area. Have fun.

If you have items you are not sure of, I may be able to help with information, appraisals and/or sales. I love the history and stories of old and interesting items. 

Phone Rex – 0427 880 546

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