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Advertising is a very specialised field…  yet why does every ad you see in local newspapers and magazines look the same?  And has followed the same formula for years?

The “rivers of gold” the classified ads that propped up the traditional newspapers, have gone…like our real rivers, dried up by being diverted and starved of largesse, and their lifeblood –  not water – but money.

Advertising is one friend telling another about something they bought, tried, saw, heard about and so decided to check it out for themselves.  Good ole word of mouth.

The internet, social media is a bit suss… we are being manipulated by cyber hackers, mega owners, and savvy shysters.

The best advertisement is a good friend recommending something they bought, found or liked and  sharing that with you.

I worked in advertising with the best – David Ogilvy. He’s famous for saying…the consumer is your wife. 

This newspaper has an enormous circulation and geographic reach.  But more importantly, people enjoy, respect and are intrigued by the stories, subjects and people we feature in our pages. And the fact we’re honest and brave, telling it like it is. Which they don’t find anywhere else. 

If you have a product, a business, and idea to share,  advertise with us. You are not just selling something,  you are part of a network of thinking, caring and interesting people from all walks of life  spread over a huge demographic and geographic area with ideas, products businesses and innovative ideas to share.

Join us. 


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