Imran Update

Some readers have asked how our friend Imran, the refuge from Manus who has been settled in to Chicago in the US, is faring. I received this note recently. Modestly, he doesn’t mention that he was a guest speaker at the “Voices for Justice” Convention in Chicago in November and received a standing ovation. 

Dear Di . . .I have been well, and my work and study keep me very busy. It feels so wonderful to be a student for real. I am doing well with my study, and I am going to study full time from January.  I will try to find some work during the late afternoon.

I haven’t had much chance to write, but I hope I will have more time from January. I need to feed my soul with writing. I wish I could go somewhere to live by myself and just write and study. It is very hard to live with my community as they can’t see the value of having an education. Many of them don’t understand that writing is my life. However, I am doing my best to improve my life and I will accomplish my goals in my new country. God Willing.

My first Thanksgiving was very nice, and I had the chance to experience some of the American culture with friends who invited me to dinner in their home.

My Christmas was lovely, Faisal and I went to a friend’s house where we enjoyed late breakfast, which was wonderful. I came home and spent the rest of the day reading and writing. It was a very joyful time of the year and I enjoyed this new experience.   I have not seen my family for nearly eight years and missed them more than ever during this festive time.  I hope I will be able to visit them when I have my Green Card.   God willing, I will come to Australia too to meet my new “Aussie family” and friends. 

Love and best wishes, Imran.

It is freezing cold here, so I couldnd’t go outside to see the fireworks. I wish the weather was different. Never mind.

Wish you happy New Year from my new home.

Love, Imran.

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