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This newspaper is meeting a demand for an honest, fearless look at what is going on locally, and in the world around us.


We are, sadly, living in disappointing and dangerous times.  Whom do we trust to lead and inform us, with truth and honesty, with no self-serving agenda? 

Those who stand up, speak out or shine a light in dark and in corrupt corners, are threatened, and could potentially be persecuted, if the Prime Minister’s espionage thought-bubble is enacted. Our government is considering enacting laws that would muzzle whistleblowers, brave journalists, activists and advocates for free speech.

But we press on.

Australia is not – yet – a dictatorship or a country run by corrupt and tainted vested interests from home and abroad. But, with the subsuming of our media, the less we know about what is really happening in our neighbourhood, our councils, our regions, our states and nationally, and the more we bury our heads in the sand, the more our rights are eroded.

What can I do, you ask? Whom do you trust?

You can support those who speak for us by calling out dishonesty and hypocracy. Share your concerns, complain, speak up at Council, say ‘this is not right, not good enough and no, we will not vote for you’.

Good government begins at the grass roots of democracy – our local Council.

Our media are quite often compromised.  So, you can support a free and independent voice, The Manning Community News, by advertising, donations, volunteering, or spreading the word, or giving us the truth you were too afraid to share, knowing we would never reveal a source.

We are committed to truth and integrity. We are published by an experienced A-grade journalist of thirty-plus years’ experience, who has worked in newspapers, magazines, television and radio around the world.

This newspaper is a member of the NSW Country Press Association, and abides by the rules of the Australian Journalists’ Association.

For information re advertising, email the editor. Details for donations are on the back page.

This paper began life as an independent community voice to tell the public what was NOT being printed in the local press.

This paper is published purely in the interests of entertaining, informing and creating a better community, with honest leadership, and calling out those with other agendas.


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