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The value of true journalistic independence is on full display in the July publication of The Manning Community News.(And The Force is With…Forster)No-one holds a sword over Di Morrissey`s head and so the usual spin manipulating ugly political behaviour and values is absent.Instead we have the lies filleted and the truth laid bare and oh how refreshing it is for us poor bamboozled constituents to have Di call ‘them’out on our behalf.The power of language is mightier than the sword we are told and thanks to Di,locally ,we have a spirited advocate for the truth.

Leonie McGuire

Port Macquarie


  • Good comment Leonie,
    I have read every one of Di’s great newspapers since the first edition several years ago, and always look forward to Di’s honest and unbiased comments each month.
    Di is about the only voice in the area keeping the National party appointed general manager on his toes, where others are too afraid to speak out.

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