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Collect the past and invest for your future.

Did you get out and about last month to try to find that elusive piece that fits your collection? 

Some places to try. If you happen to be in Sydney on the first Sunday of the month, Wentworth Park Antique & Collectables market is the place to be. It is all indoors and under the grandstand at Wentworth Park dog track, near the Sydney Fish Markets. You can get in early at 8am – early bird for $10, while the dealers are still unpacking, or at 9am for $4 (this is my favourite venue when I can get there). I have a friend, Dave, who travels down each month and always enjoys the experience. Other places I have tried are Islington Second Hand Markets at Islington Park in Newcastle on the last Sunday of the month, Black Head market on the first Sunday of the month, the Hub market & Rotary Book Fair on the third Saturday of the month and all the local markets because you never know who will turn up to sell their interesting goodies.

In Taree, Barry at Isadora’s in Victoria St, Neville and Belle at The Old Cinema Antiques in Pulteney St, Kate and Don at Antique Solutions in Olympia St (opposite the Railway Station), Phil at Clancy’s in High St and Col’s Second Hand in Commerce St are all good places to drop in regularly and see what’s new. They are all friendly people, and don’t mind a chat. In Wingham, check out the wares with Sue at Delinquent Funk, and Grant at Wingham Antiques, both in Isabella St. By checking in regularly, you get some interesting buys, as the really interesting things that come into the shops don’t last. They are snaffled up quickly.

I received a ‘phone call from Port Macquarie from a lady who wanted to downsize and had some ‘treasures’ to part with. She ‘phoned back a little later to say that a friend also had an interesting item that she wanted to part with, would I look at that also? It is wonderful to meet people who have interesting stories and items to tell you about. At both places we were able to do a deal, and I came away from the friend’s place with a piece that I thought was unique. It was a cigar lighter, from the days of gents retiring to the library after dinner to have a cigar and port wine. It has an ivory handle, I think walrus tusk, and it has hall-marked silver workings. The lighter part is on a gimble setting so that, no matter which way it is held, the lighted flame always is facing up. Being hall-marked, I was able to do some research. Made in 1904 in London, England by James Bollard, this is a lovely piece which we will enjoy in our collection

Collecting is a wonderful hobby that can be enjoyed at any stage of life. Find the category that suits you or take the plunge and collect a wide variety of unique and interesting treasures. It is always fun.

If you have items you are not sure of, I may be able to help with information, appraisals or sales. I love the history and stories of old and interesting items.

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