2BOB community radio station invites candidates for the Midcoast Council election to be held on Saturday September 4th to register for their “Meet the Candidates” evening.

 This will be conducted in the Manning Entertainment Centre (MEC) on Wednesday, August 18, 2021.                                                                                               

2BOB Radio has previously conducted their Meet the Candidates evenings in Taree’s Uniting Church Hall, but as convenor Rob Meaton told the Manning Community News…”we’ve chosen the MEC as a more suitable and comfortable venue to accommodate the the expected large number of candidates as well as having very good production facilities”. 

Celebrating 35 years of community broadcasting to the Manning Valley and beyond, 2BOB Radio is pleased to present the Meet the Candidates evening as a free public event, providing the community an opportunity  to hear candidates present their reasons for seeking election to council.                                       

2BOB will be recording the evening’s proceeding for later broadcast on FM 104.7 and streaming from the website. 

All candidates standing for election to MidCoast Council are invited to attend, to register, contact the convenor Rob Meaton via email: beatfactory45@gmail.com

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