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Dear Editor,

Despair! That is my reaction to the Referendum’s outcomes. But this emotion will diminish quickly.

David Unaipon ( featured on the front page of your newspaper last issue) once wrote that “ the voice of the wind  . . .rides the storm . . . and is everywhere . . . through the colour of the bush, the birds, the flowers, the fish, the streams . . .’

E.G.Whitlam Prime Minister of Australia in 1973 once claimed “We are determined that the long record that has marked our treatment of Aboriginal people for two centuries of white civilisation on this continent will be brought to an end.”

The great film actor David Gulpilil showed us the way we should follow as he was an actor and dancer and crossed the lines in the still divided worlds – One is an intimate world of spiritual connections with the land and universe as a whole and the other a largely materialistic conformation of Western civilisation.

John Ramsland OAM


Emeritus Professor of History and author of “Custodians of the Soil.”

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