Rosemary’s read-stuffed eggplants

On special occasions like a birthday or Christmas Eve dinner, my mum would always ask us what we wanted to eat and, without fail, my brother and I would respond with ‘Rosemary’s’. What I can tell you is that ‘Rosemary’s’ is bread-stuffed eggplants. What I can’t tell you is why we call them Rosemary’s. We have no memory as to why they were affectionately given this name, it’s just one of those things. Made with the most delicious stuffing of eggplant, breadcrumbs, oregano, egg and garlic, our family secret is to create indents in the stuffing and pour olive oil into them. The olive oil further flavours the bread stuffing and also helps to create a beautiful golden and crunchy crust. Paired with my tomato and basil sauce, this meal has been on high rotation in our family for years, and I promise it will be in yours, too.

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