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Dear Editor,

Tom Ferrier’s article on Greenwashing in the MCN edition June 2023 is very important.  He refers to ‘shareholder activist group Australasian Centre for Corporate Responsibility (ACCR)”.  My wife and I support this group and Market Forces with modest donations.  What they do is put up Motions to the AGMs of the companies which are trying to kill of the human race and everything else with fossil fuel emissions.  The constitutions of the criminal corporations require a Motion to be signed by a certain number of shareholders.

If the number is achieved, the Motion goes on the AGM agenda and is voted on.  ACCR’s and MF’s Motions are usually directed to Climate Change related problems. Normally they make a statement in support of their Motion, and the company prints its own and the ACCR/MF statement in the Notice of the AGM.

These motions are becoming increasingly successful, to the point where company directors are forced to take notice of the results, and alter their policies accordingly.  If more people support these two groups, and vote in favour of their Motions, Global Warming may in due course be defeated.  You can also vote against the election of directors who appear to be Climate Change deniers.

If you own shares, send ACCR and MF a list of the companies in which you are invested, so that they can invite you to support their Motions targeting your companies.  You can also attend the AGM to speak, ask questions, and vote.  If you go looking like a respectable business person, you will have a shock impact on the meeting.  If you go in a protest T-shirt and looking like a protester you may not even get in.  Rest assured, the Chairman and Directors hate it when someone looking like them exposes their hypocrisy and the murderous effects of their policies and products.  We know this works because we have been there, done that.

If you have no shares, buy some.  Saving your children and grandchildren from extinction is a useful way to spend your time.  Washing the car and going clothes shopping every week achieves nothing.  If the shares pay dividends, you can give some of the money to charity or make donations to those two groups, or the EDO, which fights and winds legal battles to save the planet.

Yours faithfully,

Terry Stanton,
Tinonee, NSW 

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