A clever and fun initiative – Who Let The Cows Out, came about after a meeting between the Taree Lions Club and the local Women in Dairy Group led by Meg Nicholson.

The concept started with a promotion within the schools in the area who received a life size fibreglass cow to promote the local dairy industry in a colourful way by painting the cows in crazy designs.

The Lions Club became involved by providing the funds to freight the cows to Taree and supporting the Women in Dairy with the distribution of the cow statues.  

It was so successful they decided this would be a great way to promote the significance of the dairy industry and its association with the Taree and midcoast communities. 

Business houses were approached to cover the costs of the statues enabling them to paint and display the crazy cows outside their business. 

The reaction to this has been fantastic with over twenty statues being delivered and on order, as they started to appear in every locality from Taree to Gloucester, the Combyone and soon towards Forster.

Businesses can purchase a statue for $500 and use their imagination when decorating.

This is the basic bones of the idea if you need any more detail do not hesitate to call President George Greaves on 041 7949 739. 

(I gave Boris one for his birthday which is being painted in colourful patchwork and daisies! He’s called her Daisy and she sits on the front lawn to welcome guests. Mina the dog has finally given up trying to round Daisy up and send her packing! Ed.)

  George Greaves

 President  Lions Club of TAREE Inc

P.O. Box 55

Taree, NSW 2430

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