Australia is a leader in the development and manufacture of good-quality potting mixes. Potting mixes have been developed to ensure that potted plants have the best environment to grow and develop. They are used in the production of nursery plants and by home gardeners.

Potting mix is manufactured from composted bark ensuring that a by-product of the timber industry is recycled into a valuable commodity. The bark is composted under stringent conditions to ensure that it is fully broken down and suitable for growing plants.

Bagged potting mixes meet an Australian Standard to indicate that not only are they fully composted, but also that they contain the right balance of solid particles and air spaces, are neutral in pH (the measure of soil alkalinity and acidity) and are not contaminated, for example, by weed seeds or toxins. A basic potting mix that meets the Australian Standard is indicated by black ticks on the bag. There is also a higher level of potting mix called Premium potting mix, which is indicated by red ticks on the bag. It also meets the Australian Standard but contains slow-release fertiliser that will feed potted plants for at least 5-6 months before additional fertiliser is needed.

Why Not Just Use Garden Soil?

Potting mixes may seem like an added expense for the gardener; however they perform much better in a container than garden soil, which may become compacted, weedy, fail to drain well and can pass on pests and diseases from the soil to the plant. Soil behaves differently in a container than it does in a garden bed where it is cultivated and naturally aerated by soil organisms. Containers filled with soil are also very heavy.

Quality potting mixes will produce happy, healthy and rewarding plants for every type of container and garden situation. They are a worthwhile investment in your gardening success.

Some potting mixes also contain a soil wetting agent, so mixes are easy to water and absorb and hold moisture. This is of particular importance for indoor plants, balcony plants and those growing in hanging baskets. 

Why You need A Specialty Indoor Potting Mix

As well as general mixes, manufacturers have developed specialised mixes that suit the needs of certain groups of plants including vegetables, Australian native plants, acid-loving plants (such as azaleas and camellias), orchids, cacti, and succulents. With the rise in popularity of indoor plants, potting mix manufacturers have also developed mixes that suit indoor plants. Specialist mixes may contain vital trace elements (nutrients that are needed in very small amounts) and the correct ratio of the major plant nutrients of nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P) and potassium (K). All this information will be outlined on the potting mix bag to help consumers understand what they are buying. Better still, come in and have a chat with us at the nursery and get all the dirt on our mixes.

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