Ours is a small island deep in the Great Southern Ocean and we hope you may help in our efforts to save our coastline, waterways, and marine life from the damage the Tasmanian farmed Atlantic salmon industry inflicts on Tassie.

We are hoping to alert Australians to the harm industrial salmon farming does to our wildlife and wild places and to the fact that the product is actually unhealthy to consume. It’s promoted as “clean, green and sustainable” but it’s not.

The wonderful British actor, Miriam Margolyes – The Toxic Truth – has kindly made an impactful video for our cause that is now being widely viewed.

In Truwana-Country Under Threat we travel to Truwana (Cape Barren Island). Truwana is the only Aboriginal land in Tasmania that supports a permanent resident population of Aboriginal people. Here we meet Tasmanian Aboriginal Elder, Fiona Maher who tells us about the implications of proposed commercial fish farming in Truwana waters for Aboriginal people.

We would be deeply grateful if you could help share these stories for us and help halt the destruction of this small island’s natural marine heritage.

We can have a big impact if we let the Tasmania’s Atlantic salmon industry know we won’t eat salmon until they change their ways. This was done before with caged eggs, and we hope to do it again with your help.

By sharing the video widely, you can help us influence the people that matter and help save our little island.

We are a small group of islanders hoping to protect this wild place for all generations and people.

If you would like more information or to help us further, please reply to huonisland@gmail.com.

Thank you for caring.

Island Collective


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