On May 19 my Mum Betty McKinnon turns 100!  

She was an only child and grew up in Coogee, and some of the time at Glenbrook in the Blue Mountains and went to school in Coogee and Randwick.

She married Lt. Ian Mackinnon AIF in April 1942 and had two children, Robert and  sister Lynne.

Mum was a very good driver, starting off in the 1950’s when my dad made her change a wheel on the car before he would let her learn to drive. She managed a lifetime of driving without any penalties and only gave away her licence a couple of years ago.  I might add the car was over 10 years old and only had 20,000 Kms on it.

She has been a very active sportswoman playing Tennis, Golf and many other sports, including winning a NSW championship for 10-pin bowling. She was also a very good musician and some of her skills passed on to me. 

She has a talent to be very good at anything she puts her mind to and has been a prolific and successful Artist for many years, having exhibited in London, Paris and New York.

After moving to Forster, she became the President of the Great Lakes art society and was instrumental in getting grants and successfully built the present building that the Art Society and the Bridge club currently occupy.

Mum was awarded the Centenary Medal in 2000 and the Commonwealth Recognition award for Senior Australians in 2001 for her efforts with the Art Society.

Even though she has slowed down a little in recent times, she is still very active. They even managed to put a new hip into her last year, at the time she was the oldest to have that operation.

My mother also enjoys social activities and travelling; we have done several long trips to Southern NSW, Sydney, Brisbane and parts of Southern Queensland in recent times. 

It’s pretty great to be in your late 70’s and still have your Mum. Love you Mum.

Robert McKinnon, Forster.

(From all of us at the MCN and readers too … Happy 100th Betty!)

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