Manning Great Lakes Police District Commander Chris Schilt is asking anyone who has had, (or an attempted),  break-in,  theft, damage to their property, threat, or any other crime to please pick up the phone and call your local police.

‘It’s a great help for our Crime Prevention Officer, Ray Slade,’ he said. ‘If a crime, big or small isn’t reported, then we can’t help prevent future crimes,’ he said. ‘Every report of an incident goes to HQ to be analysed by our Intelligence Unit.
‘I realise that there is some community angst with juvenile and repeat offenders; particularly when they are seen back out on the street once Police have dealt with them.

We do have to operate within the confines of the Young Offenders Act, which sometimes means that young people will be given cautions or conferences when they commit an offence. Quite often this can result in a positive outcome for them and the community when they gain an understanding of how their offending is affecting others. Where there is a continuation in offending, the process is escalated and they are charged and put before the Court. We have various projects and outreach programs where we visit schools and try to interact with kids through sporting activities and other initiatives.’

Ears and Eyes

Superintendent Shilt points out that citizens’ eyes and ears are their greatest asset when it comes to dealing with and preventing crimes.

Chris Shilt has been stationed in the area for eighteen months and he and his wife Kara and four children are enjoying life in the Manning.

Coincidentally, without the other knowing, Chris and Cr Peter Epov ran into each other at a council meeting…renewing an old friendship.

‘I knew Chris when he was a youngster living in the Eastern Suburbs in Sydney, a time when our two families spent a lot of time together,’ said Peter. ‘I was involved in sport and a couple of times I took Chris and a mate away camping. He was always a bright and polite boy and very smart. It’s lovely to meet up again and to see that he has done so well.

‘I am very confident that Chris is working in the very best interests for our community and is well qualified to do a great job. I have asked him to look at a greater police presence in key areas such as Wingham, and I have been planning to have further discussions with him and his team on community safety.’

Superintendent Chris Schilt takes his job seriously yet is very approachable and dedicated.

So he asks us please, you might think a broken lock on the shed, a smashed window, damaged machinery or some petty theft, not worth ringing the police. They ask that you do report any crime –small or large, including any suspicious activities. It helps the police piece together information which can lead to apprehending the offender(s) which helps the rest of the community. 

He adds ‘The more reports that are logged, the more our police can get additional help or funding to help us all.’ 

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