I was born in Australia in 2010 and when I was nearly four we moved to Texas.
Now, moving back to Australia when I am ten years old is really different. 

Alot because of Covid. 

For example here in Australia you don’t have to wear a mask everywhere! In America, we pretty much went a whole year without playing closely with friends and without hugging friends or even family. 

Moving back to Australia has been amazing to finally hug people again. 

More great things I’ve been able to do since moving back is eat out in restaurants without a mask, go shopping without a mask, surf in the ocean, ride my bike in the bush and also go to actual school and not online school – and without a mask! 

Even though we have to scan in everywhere we go, I think Australia should keep doing what they’re doing because the freedom is all worth it! 

Everton Hansen

(Everton is my grandson. Ed. 

He hoped Aussies keep obeying the rules “not like America”. DM)

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