In the heart of the city of Bangkok the locals have utilised every inch of space in the Khlong Toei area. They live and work here and even set up little shops. They transport their goods on a cart that also runs on the tracks. They spill out over the tracks most of the time and then move stuff, kids and dogs away when the trains pass through, which is quite regularly. 

Over the last five years, architect and photographer Kim Buddee has travelled across Thailand in a quest beyond the familiar temples and beaches, endeavouring to capture images of the real country, towns, cities and facets of the everyday lives of the people and culture. This portrait of Thailand is a testament to his affection for this amazing and diverse country. By way of hundreds of photographs, he paints a picture that expresses the illusive but distinct essence of Thailand. This book has 240 pages, 300 photographs and text in both English and Thai.

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Kim Buddee is the author of the books: ONCE WAS BURMA – NEW IMAGES FROM THE STREETS OF RANGOON, CARS IN CUBA YOU SHOULD SEE BEFORE THEY DIE and CUBA’S EVOLUTION – COLUMBUS TO CASTRO. He is based in Sydney, and is also known for the production design for the film Lantana and TV shows like Ninja Warrior and Dancing with the Stars.

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