Memo to Councillor Troy Fowler: 

In the Council meeting on Zoom November 18 2020 you yet again made a false accusation against this paper concerning the draft financial statement saying that “the local Manning Community News is telling the public that 33 million dollars was missing…. if so the auditor didn’t see it as he signed off on it…”

What you stated is incorrect.  See below what was actually printed in the November issue of the Manning Community News. And the Financial Report had not been put to bed.

The Mayor has also made misleading and insulting remarks about myself and this newspaper in public places, including a doctor’s waiting room. (Statements have been given to that effect.)  It is not only unseemly but libellous for the Mayor to accuse this newspaper of “scaremongering” while he insults and attacks myself at  functions, in public and in a public forum such as council meetings. And let’s not start on the General Manager illegally banning this newspaper from Council premises and forbidding staff (who contacted me) to read it on council property.

Remember Zoom Council meetings have a potential audience of 90,000 people in the electorate. Including  babies.  The meetings are also broadcast on 2Bob Radio.  

That’s a big audience to mislead. 

The community, who’ve now witnessed the incoherence, ignorance, obvious set-ups and Dorothy Dix questions, the rudeness and arrogance, the time wasting, and plain dumb stupidity of council meetings via Zoom where we’re up close and personal, is concerned and determined that we make big changes come September. 

It is also shocking and depressing to hear and see the arrogance and rudeness with which Cr Epov is mostly treated in council meetings. No doubt punishment for being the sole smart eagle eye in council who truly and honestly represents the community.  


The Manning Community News 

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