Bev Williamson from Annie Rose Academy of Dance returns after a three year absence to Blackhead Surf Club with her daughter Kate, to conduct “movement to music classes for mature dancers”.

Says Bev, ‘It’s very important to keep moving, especially when you are getting older.  Dancing is not only good for the body, it can be even more beneficial for the mind and student’s emotional wellbeing.  With such great music and having so much fun, you don’t even notice the physical benefits that dancing provides.’

Classes cater for the mature dancer with gentle movement to music in soft shoes allowing students to push themselves as much or as little as they want.

Family’s Rich History

It all started with Bev’s grandmother Annie Rose establishing the studio in the late 1800s in Melbourne, teaching all styles of dance and was made a life member of the Red Cross for her charity work.

Annie Rose died at the age of 39 years passing the school over to her only daughter Kathleen Rose, who was only 16 years of age at the time.  Kathleen’s daughter Beverley started dancing at the age of 4 years and eventually went on to run the studio.

Beverley eventually relocated with her family to Taree on the Mid North Coast in 1976, where the dance school was re-established.  Bev introduced tap dancing to an area that had never seen tap dancing before.  She was also very involved in the Taree Eisteddfod as Dance Secretary for many years and subsequently made a life member for her contribution.

Bev’s youngest daughter Kate now continues the family tradition after a lifetime of studying her passion under her mother’s tuition as well as training in Sydney, Melbourne & New York.

Calling All Tap Dancers

Kate has had a passion for tap dancing from an early age, winning first place in the Baby Dance Section at the Taree Eisteddford as a 5 year old.

Kate ran a successful studio catering for adult tap dancers in the Sydney for many years before relocating back to where she grew up.  She commenced her studio in Taree in 2011 catering specifically towards teaching adults to tap dance.

Kate has taken a leap of faith and is now conducting her school full time and is excited to now introduce children’s tap classes.

For more information, visit or call Kate on 0400 340 364.

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