A couple of weeks back I mentioned, on popular ABC Fishing program “The Big Fish”, that I have noted a significant drop in the numbers and size of tailor over the years. I remember when the seas went black with the big schools of tailor.

The response from listeners along the NSW coastline from Narooma to Tweed Heads and through to Fraser Island in QLD was astounding. The greatest reaction to any of my radio segments.

All agreed that tailor stocks have taken a nosedive. Unfortunately, no one could come up with a definitive reason – why?

Plenty of suggestions for the collapse where forwarded including water quality, global warming, the lack in baitfish (particularly frogmouth and white pilchards), growth in human population with an increase in fishing pressure, commercial fishing, surfboard riders and feasting salmon. The changing shape of beaches and the growth of coastal towns were among the many theories put forward.

A joint report on tailor stocks conducted by NSW and QLD Fisheries is soon to be released. I, for one, am very keen to read the report.  However I do think though Fisheries should talk to their best asset…the fishermen. So I am keen to learn of your experience.  Let me know of your “tailor stories.”

It will be interesting to hear what Fisheries have to say.

Stay tuned.

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