Who remembers the old days of home deliveries when we lived in a country town? 

A horse drawn milk cart, where the old horse plodded from house to house knowing where to stop. The clatter of milkcans and milk being poured in the jug or billy can left on the front step, verandah or gate.   

When a lorry with canvas sides that rolled up came by with piles of boxes and baskets and a swing set of scales to weigh the just picked fruit and veggies. Sometimes you handed over an order for next week.

And the Afghan haberdashery man who could produce almost anything you asked from his little dray. 

In this time of staying safe we’re getting deliveries in   boxes and bags from the supermarket. Or food whizzed in on a bike or fast wheels.  

But wouldn’t it be nice to hear a pony and cart or the chug of an old motor stopping out the front and the cheerful whistle of a friendly face carrying your goodies into the kitchen. 

Now there’s an idea. . . .

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