Help us, help Manning Hospital

We want to hear from you.

In light of the current ongoing tragedy of the bushfires, many serious issues in our community have been exposed. 

This includes the deficiencies of our downgraded, underfunded, struggling hospital.

This natural disaster we’re experiencing has revealed the potential for another disaster … catastrophic outcomes for patients at Manning Rural Referral Hospital.

Because Manning hospital is not properly equipped with resources and facilities to deal with patients suffering critical medical conditions, they are often required to be transferred to John Hunter Hospital in Newcastle.

During the bushfires, those patients were unable to be transported out of Taree because all roads in and out were blocked.

The town was effectively land-locked.

This lack of resources means patient care and safety is potentially compromised. 

It is also a reason why it is very difficult to keep, let alone recruit, doctors and specialists. With inadequate staffing levels and facilities, they will not come or stay. 

And it also means, for example, the hospital has had to resort to flying an anaesthetist from Western Australia to fill in for a few days.

Staff morale at Manning Hospital is at an all time low. 

Many doctors and nurses feel frustrated and are  desperately worried. They’re working long and arduous hours often fearing that they’re fighting a losing battle.

And when staff complain it’s claimed they are either silenced with the threat of losing their jobs or asked to keep quiet.

We don’t appreciate our hospital and its staff until we need them. And sadly, the now named Manning Rural Referral Hospital (as we refer patients on to other hospitals) is in a state of upheaval.  

It’s past crunch time.

It seems that until we are heard and action is taken, we need to continue exposing the problems.

If you are willing to share your story we would love to hear from you.

All correspondence regarding your hospital experiences will be treated in confidence. 

We deserve proper health care. 



  • This is not right and should never be let happen. The Manning Base serves a large area and used to be a great hospital. The people are the same, as dedicated as always. It is the head of departments locally and from afar who have chosen to downgrade it. It is certainly NOT FAIR for our community, both old and young.We might all need to be looked after at some time in our life whether we like it or not. In fact it has become dangerous to live in the drawing area and having to be transferred to Port Macquarie or John Hunter for treatment. It is a sad farce which is probably costing people’s lives. This hospital is here, please return it to being a base hospital- not a rural hospital, with all the facilities to treat people locally.

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