Mind Body Soul – The Benefits Of Crystals

Dating back to as early as the stone age, crystals have been used for many purposes including to promote healing, ease the busy mind, even bring wealth into the home.  What is it about crystals that has kept us fascinated for centuries?

Crystals are the DNA of the earth,  formed millions of years ago. A chemical record of the tremendous forces of nature at play. Some formed in chambers underground whilst others were made as they dripped into shape, and some compressed from specific minerals over time. All of which changes their characteristics. 

They form in one of seven possible geometric forms, triangles, rectangles, Hexagonal, parallelograms, squares, rhomboids and trapeziums. How they appear on the outside may not reflect its internal structure. 

What gives crystals their energy?

At the heart of any crystal is the atom which has particles rotating around its core in a dynamic and constant motion. What looks so beautiful and placid on the outside is a seething vibrating mass on the inside. This geometric reflection of how it was produced will continue to oscillate. 

All crystals vibrate at a differing frequency which gives the crystal its own ability to influence the external environment.  These wonderous gems cast from the pressurised womb of mother earth are consistently in motion and have the ability to influence our lives.

How can crystals change your life?

Look deep into yourself. What is getting you down? Do you feel like your stuck in a rut and you can’t see past the present moment? You might be experiencing headaches, even having troubles with your sight. . . then you may be experiencing a blockage of the third eye chakra which can be relieved by using… 

Solidite– the stone of intellect, to enhance clarity of thought, concentration and focus.


Lapis Lazuli: this is a stone of power, wisdom, truth and good judgment. It is a stone to promote intuition.

Sapphire: a stone of insight and happiness, Sapphire helps you resolve issues and fulfill your goals and ambitions.


Mind Body Soul

Crystals are becoming even more popular these days as people start to become more aware of the benefits of using stones in therapy. They caan assist us in alleviating problems, attract love and increase happiness and fulfillment in our lives. 

The trick is we need to be listening, – listening to ourselves. I would suggest go down to the beach on a beautiful day and listen to the ocean. Once you are centered, your thoughts will remove the layers of stress in your life – the mask of insecurities dissolves. You will be able to see yourself, a blank canvas for you the artist to create. The biggest question is – What will you draw?

Aligning the benefits of crystals with the main centers of energy in the body will amplify these positive thoughts to benefit your daily life.  

Imagine for one second that the stress in your life can be reduced or even completely removed. Well it can.  Instead of worrying about what you can’t control be grateful for what you have already, your family, your health, yourself.

Start by removing the word worry from your vocabulary. It is a counterproductive and ultimately has no benefit to reducing the problems in your life. It is more likely to amplify them. 


In all the years of studying beauty the most powerful lesson I have learned is understanding the chakras; A Sanskrit word meaning circle dating back centuries. The chakras are the centers of energy or prana in the body. Align the properties of a crystal with these centers of energy and watch what happens. 

To prove this theory is look at the wrinkles on your face. They will go in any direction. Let’s say you have crows’ feet.  These wrinkles may be caused by a blockage of the marma point or pressure point in your temples. Lightly massage your temples and it will soften your wrinkles. Stress, wrinkles even some diseases can be caused by blockages of energy in your body. Remove or reduce these blockages and the body is in the best possible position to heal itself.

In our salon I am doing facials all the time. Using the best skin care I can find. After the hour-long service my clients have beautiful skin but it is the pressure point massage that gives them the greatest benefit. They leave the salon a blank canvas ready to draw their own masterpiece, removed from stress or anxiety. They have perspective, they are finally in control. 

I started my study as a sceptic and after the results I see from my clients every day I am a true believer that we are all effectively a wind-up doll. If a person has some bad news, they wind up until they feel sick with worry. However the problem itself hasn’t changed only the response to it. 

Joya Crystals

Crystals are being used more and more in beauty therapies like the Joya crystal massage. This massage combines the power of crystals with the benefit of massage. They are crystals shaped into a ball that are housed in a quartz holder. These crystals roll freely and when combine with essential oils create a powerhouse massage. The crystals are interchangeable so you can target a specific problem. These crystals can also be used under steam. When I first tried the crystals, it was like goose bumps all over my back and that is with a t-shirt on. They come in various sizes for different areas of the body. 

Crystals are also usedin the rollers for the application of essential oils – not only do you get the wonderful benefits of essential oils, but they can be applied using a specific crystal as the roller to increase the benefits.

Joya crystals

Wind Down

Take 5 minutes out of your day and look around you. Appreciate what is yours – the love that you have and the people that bring out the better side of you. When anxiety and stress knocks on your door realise that it is your interpretation of the bad news that makes it stressful – not the news itself.  We all have the ability to change and improve our lives and crystals are just one tool that can help us as  . . . as they have done for thousands of years. 

The canvas is blank, the pen is in your hand… 


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