Dear Editor,

I am hoping there are people around my age (74) who may live in the Wingham area and are great grand children of William and Barbara Somerville.

The name Somerville, I know, is well known in the area and it is my wish to visit before I fall off the perch but it may not happen.

My grandfather was John Alexander Summerville (the spelling changed from Somerville for some reason) and he was one of the children of William and Barbara Somerville (nee Donkin).

Siblings of my grandfather John were:

Jane Hope, Robert James, William, Margaret Clare, Barbara Ann, Victoria Anne, Arthur

I have no photos of any of my great grandparents and was hoping that someone related to me may be able to help me out.  I only  have one photo of my great, great grandparents Robert and Rebecca Somerville who arrived in Australia in 1839 and from whom we are all descended and I would dearly love to get something.

In case any Somervilles are interested there is a Facebook page devoted to the family and there are over 500 members so far. It was started by a David Somerville who now lives in America but was born in Adelaide.

My name is Pam Leevers and I live in Mandurah WA ( born in Brisbane)…email address:….phone 0895864143:

Thanking you for any assistance 

Kind regards

Pam (Leevers)

If anyone can help or knows the family, do let us know!!

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