Collect the past and invest for your future. Enjoy a great hobby that will last you a lifetime. Now is a great time to collect antiques as prices are not strong and bargains are out there!

Like all things, antiques have their troughs and peaks but, they always come back into vogue. Now is the time to get out there and make a  find! 

Remember to visit our local haunts – Barry at “Isadora’s” in Victoria Street Taree, Don and Kate at Antique Solutions in Olympia Street (near Taree Railway Station), Grant at Wingham Antiques in Isabella Street and Sue at Delinquent Funk in Isabella Street in Wingham. 

Some upcoming events : 

ANTIQUE & COLLECTABLES FAIR – Taree Local Collectors Club. When: 4 May to 5 May 2019. Location: Taree PCYC, 95 Commerce Street, Taree NSW 2430. 

This Fair will have a wonderful display of antiques and collectables. Lots of bargains to be had! Some thirty dealers, both local and away, will combine for an impressive event. Free appraisals will be available and the public can enjoy refreshments from the café. Entry – $5 (children under 12, accompanied by an adult, free). 

Exhibitor displays and selling stall enquiries – Phone Rex 0427 880 546. 

COLLECTOR SELL – UP AUCTION : Sunday 19th May – a huge variety of interesting old wares from Pop’s Meccano to Nana’s ceramic figurines and all their unique old gear from the farm and household. Location: Taree Showground Agricultural Hall – Muldoon St, Taree View Saturday 18th May (8am – 1pm) while enjoying the Showground’s Hub Markets.


Militaria are artefacts or replicas of military, police, etc., collected for their historical significance. Such antiques include firearms, swords, bayonets, knives, and other equipment such as uniforms, military orders and decorations and insignia. An alternate name, used by many dealers, for militaria is ‘military antiquities’ or ‘military antiques’.

Medals, uniforms, weapons, and insignia are links to a soldier’s service, sacrifice, and bravery, and they remind us of the ideals many have died fighting for. 

As the number of militaria collectables steadily diminishes, these items gain more than sentimental and historical value. They also increase in monetary value. Many young people are becoming avid militaria collectors as it may relate to members of their families whom have served, some returned, some wounded and some who never returned. 

The last decade has seen a huge increase in the number of people who collect militaria and war relics. There are many reasons for this including the recent passing of the fiftieth, sixtieth anniversaries of World War II anad also Australians interest in the ANZAC tradition.

Some people collect a bit of everything; uniforms, helmets, flags, belt buckles, medals. These collectors may end up with full sized mannequins on which to display their collections. Other people may focus on just one equipment type and collect a wide variety from various nations. 

A similar type of collector is one who collects by nationality, the most popular being Australian, British, German, American and Japanese, followed closely by Russian and French. The ultimate specialists – and these collectors do exist – are those who collect only certain items from certain nations, sometimes even specific vital pieces of an item. For example, there are specialists who collect and study only Death Pennies, which were a large bronze plaque that was sent to the families of the “fallen” with the related paperwork. 

The best way to learn about real military equipment is to invest in available specialty books that have been created by people who spent considerable time and effort examining and categorising the items you may wish to study. The most important advice that can be offered is study, study, study. Learn everything you can about the subject that interests you. 

Don’t forget to enjoy an outing to the fabulous revamped Wingham Museum and also the Museums at Tinonee and  Cundletown – you and the family will find much to enjoy.

Happy hunting for the month!

I recommend collecting to all. Find a category that suits your interests and take the plunge and collect a variety of unique and interesting treasures or limit yourself to just one area. Have fun!

If you have items you are not sure of, I may be able to help with information, appraisals and/or sales. I love the history and stories of old and interesting items. 

Phone Rex – 0427 880 546.

Photo – Death Penny of James Augustus Hughes killed in action in France on 18th May 1917, 1914 – 1918 Military Service medals for Pte J. McLawrence & an unusual Camel Corps WWI Rising Sun hat badge.

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