Time will not wait

Perhaps we all should pause at regular intervals, and take the time to reflect on our world.  For now, more than any other time in our lives, we need to consider the human impact on this  planet we call home and the supremely complex web of natural systems which have evolved over aeons, that sustain us daily.

Through modern science and technology we may think that we have a good grasp on how to manage our planet and avoid disasters triggered by the ever-increasing human race.  However, it is gradually dawning on the majority of us  that all may not be well in relation to the precious planet that keeps all  living creatures alive. There are significant  and at times extreme changes taking place in an ever-increasing frequency across the globe – ‘climate change’.  

But this is not a result of thousands of years, or even a couple of centuries, but irreversible changes  that have occurred  over decades and decades, and worryingly,  appear to  be accelerating, changing faster than our comprehension of in, and in some cases, acknowledgement of it all, and what might be causing it. So just how close are we to the cliff edge?

So, do we have a gloomy future or a future at all?  Yes, there is plenty of room for optimism, at least at this point in our history as long as we recognise the  problem and move to rectify it.  

We humans have a huge brain and unlimited imagination and faced with massive threats thus far we have always demonstrated the ability to dodge a bullet. But what is happening to our globe now, may be the greatest test of all times.

How much time do we have to take action? Who can say for sure. Maybe the majority of us know in our hearts and minds that time might be short, even though the sun came up this morning and the birds were still singing in their trees.

So it may be the time now to take action. Time waits for no one. 

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