We’d Like to Know too…

Councillor Peter Epov, backed by Councillors Kathryn Bell and Jan McWilliams, has sent the following to the General Manager, MidCoast Council –

Cr Peter Epov submits the following ‘Questions on Notice’ for the MidCoast Council Meeting of 6 February 2018.

  • How many staff will need to be paid compensation for having to travel to and from work each day at the Master’s Warehouse Office should the Office Centralisation proposal proceed; what will be the annual cost and how many years will this compensation need to be paid to Staff?
  • In 2019 there will be a State and a Federal Election. Condition 5 of Resolution 317/18 pertaining to the Office Centralisation Project, which was adopted by Council at the Meeting of 31 October 2018, required Council (that being the General Manager) to seek grant funding from State and Federal Government’s towards what was described in the resolution as ‘this landmark project’. Can the General Manager please outline what efforts have been made to secure grant funding, including details of applications and or submission that may have been made to the State and Federal governments? 
  • In November 2017, Councillor Peter Epov urged Council to establish a Probity Committee to oversight the acquisition of the Master’s warehouse.  This proposition was not supported by a majority of Councillors. On 9 November 2017 the then General Manager wrote to all Councillors advising  that an ‘internal  Project team’ (later renamed as the ‘Office Investigation Working Group’) had been established, and which would meet weekly and that updates would ‘be provided at each Council meeting’. Can the General Manager please advise what has happened to this ‘Project team’ and why Councillors did not receive Minutes of this Committee’s Meetings and updates at each Council Meeting after 22 December 2017?

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