Hunting on a main thoroughfare?

The other morning I drove up to see the sunrise at Breakneck Lookout in Kiwarrak State Forest above Taree. And beautiful it was too, though the logging has left behind some devastation and it’s hard to spot any big old trees anymore.  The view was great, hard to believe we’re a short drive ( a rough dirt track so 4WD) from the centre of town.

The view from Breakneck Lookout

I saw this sign about Hunting being permitted. Who hunts in a beautiful state forest like this, I wondered. I saw a Regent Bower Bird, a Koala, and who knows what other quiet eyes observed our noisy vehicle making our way to the peak.

However . . . on our return as we drove past the tip landfill into Tinonee along the Buckett’s Way… blow me down, there is another sign! “Hunting Allowed”…. Duh? This is Council Land. 

Are we supposed to be on the lookout for arrows, bullets, or slingshots? 

Has the word gone out to hunt down scuttling councillors beetling home as fair game? 

Are hunters tip toeing- after the wretched Ibis (tick birds?) scrounging round the tip? 

We shall ask the Department of Primary Industries what our local happy hunters are stalking…. 



  • The uncoordinated conservation of Australian Old growth forests are going to bring down the Australian bush! Shooting allowed? what the hell are they shooting? Koalas, kangaroos left to rot? Shooting is pointless unless you eat it! Just shooting for pleasure should be stopped. Tourism will soon be dead here in Australia as our natural beauty is destroyed! I have many overseas visitors and they are not impressed what they see!

    • Susanne, no hunters are not shooting Koalas, they are shooting feral animals dogs, cats, foxes and deer. These animals are a great threat to Australian native animals. Most state forests are open to licenced hunters in NSW. Most hunters are looking for deer to recover and eat, dears rub their antlers against the trees ringbarking them.

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