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Artists of Wallamba began in July this year with just three members creating a Facebook group for local practising Artists, Artisans and Creatives. 

The aim was to link artists who may not normally meet, providing opportunity for collaboration, inspiration, and a pool of local creatives for community events and opportunities. 

We now have over 40 members from Wootton, Belbora, Tinonee, Nabiac, Firefly, Rainbow Flat and beyond, along with a vibrant online community and regular Creative Gatherings. In December we are installing our second group exhibition ‘INSPIRE’! ‘BOTANICAL’, the first group exhibition.

‘INSPIRE’ will be on display in the Bistro at the Krambach Hotel from the first of December and will continue over the holiday period. 

From the 15th to 29th of January, the Artists of Wallamba will be exhibiting at GLAS (Great Lakes Art Society) in Forster with a new exhibition… ‘NO LIMITS’.

So, if you’re heading over to the Coast in that time, drop in to view our new work and that of the GLAS members.

Exhibitions and deadlines are excellent for Artists, as it gives them something tangible and exciting to aim for and also a chance to share their work with the community. Those who are not Artists – yet! – are our Art Supporters and offer wonderful input from their own backgrounds and experience.

The Artists of Wallamba are excited to be considering how they may best contribute to the region in the Arts area. Many of the group have had experience in Community Arts and Community Arts Health, as well as diverse backgrounds in business and environment. They have worked alongside those planning Community Projects and Events, to provide an extra dimension to the outcome. They have also worked with all age groups from children to youth to adults and the elderly, encouraging their artistic expression in many rural and farming communities.

The Group is continually inspired by…

the Connections made on a daily basis,

the Opportunity to share the process of creating art, and

the Diversity of the Work, Inspirations and Studio Spaces.

For those who are artists and passionate art supporters, the Artists of Wallamba, would love you to join our  Facebook group ~ Artists of Wallamba and request to join. It’s a space to share the work, inspiration and ideas of the Group.

If you aren’t on Facebook, then please join us at our meetings from time to time, or look us up on the net – we have our own page on the Krambach site – and benefit from a great community of like-minded creative people.

No geographical limits – all welcome! And please like our new Facebook page to keep up with latest happenings and events.

The next meeting of the Artists of Wallamba, will be our Christmas Luncheon Meeting on the 16th of December at the Krambach Hotel. Bookings are essential if you’d like to join us. Please call…

Carmel Spark on 0419 ~ 273 849 or

Kate Landsberry on 0402 ~ 287 244 for more details.

We’d love to welcome artists and art supporters and guarantee creative company, delicious food and warm hospitality!

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