Ever worried about life after retirement? Whilst we know having a job pays the bills, you might underestimate the social benefits, the sense of identity and community being employed might provide. 

So if you suddenly stop work and retire without much thought into what’s next, you could find yourself feeling restless and searching for purpose.

Here are our top five ways to plan ahead for new beginnings:

Rediscover an old hobby or interest

Back when time was endless you loved trains, model aeroplanes, knitting, cooking, pottery or orienteering – whatever your passion – it’s your time to immerse yourself in an old interest, or try something new. Let the fun begin.


Maintaining your health with good habits around exercise and healthy eating are important. Swimming, walking, weight training, yoga, pilates, tennis, golf and tai chi – there are so many options. Choosing an exercise you enjoy and putting it into your regular routine will help you stay in shape and maintain your strength and balance.


Get social with friends, family and old work colleagues. Plan nights out and rediscover what’s happening at your local amateur theatre, art gallery, sporting fields and special events. Why not join a local club or association that you’re interested in. Your local Lions, Probus, Rotary or Art club are always looking for fresh faces and ideas!


You now have time to discover your spiritual needs, whether that is joining a congregation, learning to meditate or researching the meaning of life. 


Did you know volunteering can help improve your mental health? The act of giving can ignite in volunteers feelings of gratitude for what you have in your own life, and can inspire you to continue your much valued voluntary work. 

GoVolunteer (https://govolunteer.com.au) is a website that can assist you in finding local volunteer work, or why not become a valued member of the Anglican Care volunteer team, we are always looking for volunteers www.anglicancare.com.au.

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