Welcome our new GM!

The new General Manager of MidCoast Council, Mr Adrian Panuccio, starts work July 9.

Is this a man who is a dreamer and an achiever? Who thinks and acts creatively and is consultative? Does he understand the depth of country culture? Is he willing to listen and engage with the people as much as his Council staff? Sometimes an outsider sees things through new eyes, and has a fresh take on solutions. 

Write To Him

But, as Community Consultation hasn’t been a strength at Council, why don’t we all write him a pleasant welcome note, as he moves from North Sydney to our peaceful and beautiful MidCoast community.

Community is what it’s all about, and he’s got a big job to unite a very large and diversified council area.

We all have our priorities, big and small, that we’d like our Council to tackle. Getting our message over to Council isn’t always easy when one is faced with bureaucratic red tape, sometimes officious representatives, or “consultation” meetings where we are spoken at, and our questions never followed up.

So, let’s go straight to the top and send Mr Panuccio a personal note about what we would like to see happen, achieved and dealt with in our area.

Here’s our list –

Consolidation of LEPs (Local Environment Plans)  and a New LEP

A Manufactured-Homes Policy

Consolidation of Rates across all three former Council areas 

The Masters Move, Yes or No? 

Re-configure the Council Staff structure

Introduce efficiencies, and a new culture of co-operation in Council 

Fix up the financial stuff-ups

Introduce a system of service and transparency to all 

Solve the Cedar Party Bridge/Pool fiasco

Introduce a better tree preservation and habitat management plan.

Well one can dream, can’t one? (And pigs may fly, a voice is saying behind me.) But heck, let’s give the bloke a chance!


  • Firstly he is probably the most educated person in the entire region.
    Not an ex dog catcher that spent 30 years sitting on his backside at council doing nothing getting promoted up to director. Secondly he isnt a dole bludging pensioner who contributes nothing to the community other than whinging and demanding more for doing nothing. Anyone not paying full rates shouldnt get a say on anything.
    That would include all the ex great lakes councillors who should have moved on years ago. Especially Jan ( I believe in fairytales and have a primary school education ) McWilliams. Do us all a favour Jan and stay at home praying to your imaginary deity eh and let the professionals get on with rebuilding the 3rd world debacle great lakes created.
    Priority numero uno. Deal with non urban land. Get that land contributing to the community.

  • Hey Michael….don`t be shy……Say what you really think !
    I did a course once “Learn to be Assertive”….the tutor who knew me, asked WHY are YOU doing this course.?
    I replied…I want to learn how to be assertive “without being aggressive”
    Get the hint Mick.?….throwing a petrol bomb on a fire won`t put it out !

  • Only 2 responses!……I think Micks rave must`ve been a putoff.
    Apathy reigns surpreme…..people that don`t speak up…..deserve what they get.

  • Pinocchio….Panuccio ?…….what`s in a name ?
    Adrian this is your chance of a claim to fame……FIX UP THE MANNING so people will WANT TO COME HERE…..instead of STEER CLEAR !….best of British !

  • Since the new GM arrived we have magically recieved $50 million in road funding. A new LEP, DCP and land use strategy all but completed. Tea Gardens gets a new massive jetty and the Myall River gets dredged. All in the first few months. Dredged – just the the new council where the former duds from great lakes council have been sucked up and spat out never to return and suddenly the region begins to prosper. I tell it like it is Tian.

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