Visit Two Iconic Pearl Farms – Off Sydney and Broome . . . in one amazing trip!

Cygnet Bay Pearls is pleased to announce the inaugural ‘Australian Pearl Masterclass Voyage’, a new immersive experience, which tells the complete story of the Australian pearl, and what it takes to bring this extraordinary industry to life.

This new immersive experience offers a unique opportunity to learn about the Australian pearl, in extraordinary, pristine marine environments.

Meet famed pearl carver Bruce Wiggan

The voyage starts in NSW at Broken Bay Pearl Farm – one hour north of Sydney.

Guests then travel from East to West, finishing at Cygnet Bay Pearl Farm – two hours north of Broome.

Guests will be there during Australia’s pearl festival – Shinju Matsuri in Broome, WA.

Commencing Monday 27 August 2018, the Masterclass Voyage official launch is at the Australian National Maritime Museum in Sydney, with a cocktail event to honour the winners of the 2018 Australian Pearl Jewellery Design Masters. Then, it’s off to the Central Coast to Broken Bay Pearl Farm, where some of the world’s most beautiful Akoya pearls are harvested.

Renowned for their exceptional lustre and varied natural colours, Broken Bay pearls are farmed in the sheltered waters of the Hawkesbury River region, well known for its rock oyster industry. Throughout the one-day experience, guests will be immersed in the science and fine art behind cultivating these local pearls, with an opportunity to try their hand at seeding a pearl shell, grading a harvest and learning about the five virtues of the exquisite gem.

Off To Broome

The Voyage then takes guests across the country to Broome and the Kimberley, where Australia’s historic pearl festival, Shinju Matsuri, is in full swing. Staying at the luxurious Cable Beach Club Resort & Spa, guests will be treated to a unique multi-cultural celebration, the Pearl Harvest Yum Cha in Chinatown, and the Floating Lantern Matsuri at Gantheaume Point.

Saving the best for last, the experience culminates in a two-hour drive north of Broome to Cygnet Bay Pearl Farm, Australia’s oldest pearl farm in operation today, and home to the Kimberley Marine Research Station. In this two-day Masterclass, guests will be introduced to the Australian South Sea Pearl – the most valuable pearl in the world. This Masterclass incorporates every aspect of the industry, from diving for pearl shell (without getting wet!), growing, seeding and learning about all the influences that affect the cultivation of the gem. Each guest will harvest his/her own pearl from a live shell, with the opportunity to keep the pearl as a memento of their journey in the Masterclass.

World’s Most famous Pearls

This complete pearling experience will showcase a unique marine ecosystem, the Kimberley coast where the world’s largest tropical tides ‘power’ the pearls which grow there. A Sea Safari adventure will weave guests through the islands of the Buccaneer Archipelago, combining the thrill of witnessing whirlpools and giant tides that expose the natural phenomenon known as ‘Waterfall Reef’. The highlight of this Sea Safari is the emergence of the reef with a cascading waterfall on outgoing tides.

The Masterclass Voyage also coincides with the annual Cygnet Bay Pearl Farm Harvest Festival, featuring Indigenous experiences, the annual pearl crop on display, music, a film night and a special long-table dinner.

Managing Director of Cygnet Bay Pearls, third generation pearl farmer and Marine Biologist James Brown, has created this experience to offer a unique opportunity for jewellers and jewellery enthusiasts, to gain an in-depth understanding of the Australian Pearl.

Says James Brown,  “Through the Masterclass Voyage, we offer a once-in-a-lifetime experience, travelling from East to West in an immersive education program, coupled with a holiday adventure that visits some of Australia’s most pristine environments. After 70 years in the industry, these Masterclasses will reflect the culmination of my family’s learning and love of the story of the Australian Pearl. We are committed to sharing this little known, yet great, story and hope that a little bit of our passion rubs off on all who join us on this Voyage.”

A week-long program, the Australian Pearl Masterclass Voyage, ends on Monday 3rd September, and includes a one-way flight from Sydney to Broome, plus all transfers, accommodation and meals. Class sizes are limited to twelve, to ensure a memorable experience for all participants.

Australia’s pearls are the finest in the world

East or West

For those unable to attend the Voyage from East to West, guests are welcome to participate in all or some of the Masterclasses in either location.

Full program details and prices are available on enquiry by contacting or calling 0410 967 509.

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