Imran is free!

Rohingya refugee, Imran Mohammad, who fled Burma and has suffered in detention for five years in PNG on Manus and Nauru, under Australia’s unconscionable detention laws, was one of the lucky ones in the group of exchange refugees, under President Obama’s legislation to go to the USA, fortunately, if grudgingly agreed to by the Trump Administration.  

He and his friend Faisal, who bonded as brothers during their cruel incarceration, have just arrived to begin a new life in Chicago, USA.

It is beyond bewildering for them. Both are decent, honest, articulate and loving young men, who will be a great asset to their new country. 

We wish them well, and will follow their steps into a new life, at last. 

This is the brief email we received once they landed on US soil, and realised they were free men at last. 

Dear Di,

I have arrived safely in Chicago, and now I am in my new home. It has been a long, long journey, however all has worked out at long last. I am very disoriented, but I will get used to this huge change. It is so incredible to be free. There are no security guards around me, and the fresh air is so fulfilling and breath-taking. I just don’t know how to describe how it feels to have freedom. It should have been mine at birth – safety and freedom. Unfortunately, I have never experienced it in all of my life. So, every bit of my new life is just wonderful.

I am living with Faisal in a temporary new apartment. We have managed to survive the unimaginable hardships on Manus for five years, through many kind Australians’ love and support, so we look forward to a new life.   

I will write more soon.

Blessings from Imran. 

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