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Collect the past, invest for your future and have great fun in the process.

Have you had any finds this month? It is wonderful getting out and about, and seeing what you can find in our local area, and even further afield. Jen and I have just done a trip to Newcastle, then up the New England Highway to Scone. We continued on until Gunnedah, then onto Moree, up to Toowoomba, over to the Gold Coast and then back home again, to Tinonee, along the Pacific Highway. We took a week. A great trip with lots of interesting places visited, and interesting discoveries made.

When you collect, you have to wander, to see what can be found. Your wandering may be physically getting out there or, these days, many people do their wandering by scanning on computers, and make their finds that way. I love the getting out there and wandering.

Here are some of my regular local haunts, they might supply a treasure for you. My very favourite collecting place, in Taree, for at least twenty years, has been Clancy’s, near MRD Hospital. They are more into Office Furniture these days, but my car always wants to call in as I drive past, and some treasures can still be found. Kate and Don at Olympia Antique Solutions – opp. The Railway Station – they always have interesting items, and with something unique to talk about. Barry at Isadora’s Antiques – at the Valley Fair in Victoria St, always has a great variety. Belle and Neville at Old Cinema Antiques in Pultney St., Col in Commerce St – near the Pie shop, Sue at Delinquent Funk – Isabella St in Wingham right next to the chemist – Sue always has new and interesting stock that turns over quickly, and Grant, in the old McCullaghs Produce store, also on Isabella St,  in Wingham, is worth a visit.

Happy hunting!

Each country has its own Standard Weights and Measures, so that regulation can be enforced, and consumers are not being taken advantage of. All commercial weighing and measuring devices have to be checked regularly, and be calibrated to the standard weights and measures of that state or country. The system had to be re-organised when we moved from an Imperial System to a Metric System in the early 1970s.

Many years ago, we were travelling back from Sydney, and I had heard of a little shop in the Gosford area that always had interesting things, so we made the detour. The shop turned out to be in a private home, and the gentleman had been to an auction in Sydney, where the NSW government wasgetting rid of its Imperial Standard Weights and Measures, after converting to the Metric System. What a treasure trove of interesting items he had!

We negotiated on a few things (he wasn’t cheap), and I came away with the NSW Standard Weight measures in the form of thirteen Bell weights (all appropriately marked) from 56lb (pounds) to 1/8 oz (ounce). Also, I came away with the Troy Ounce measures in the form of eleven cup weights from 128 Troy ounces to ¼ of a Troy ounce. I was super-excited and cash poorer. These weights and measures were a great find.

I recommend collecting. Find the category that suits you, or take the plunge and collect a wide variety of unique and interesting treasures, or limit yourself to one area. It is always fun, and is a hobby that lasts a lifetime. Make some great finds this month!

If you have items you are not sure of, I may be able to help with information, appraisals or sales. I love the history and stories of old and interesting items. Phone Rex – 0427 880 546.

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