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Dear Editor

I have a story your readers might like to know about. And that is to warn all people who are retiring to keep all documents regarding their circumstances and details until they are on their death bed.

I am 70 years old and a retired registered nurse.

I retired on 31st August 2010. Imagine my shock and distress to receive a letter from Centrelink stating that the ATO reckoned that I worked for Amity Group Pty Ltd, earned $14,350.00 between July 1st 2010 – Sept 5, 2010.

I do not have a computer, but my daughter tried to get onto their website without success. So I went into Centrelink at Taree. They were helpful but I had to deal with another lady on the phone somewhere. She wouldn’t listen to anything I said and kept repeating, “If you don’t supply documents you will be charged with a Federal offense.” Which was very upsetting.

I rang my local Federal member and the assistant was helpful in supporting me and finding out what to do.

As Amity had been bought out by BUPA in 2007 I was able to have my resignation letter and termination letter sent to me. The Commonwealth Bank at Wingham was helpful in getting my bank statements from 2010. I then returned to Centrelink with the paperwork. However I still had to wait for a phone call which re-iterated the threat of a Federal Offence if I didn’t provide the proper paperwork.

Finally I received a letter stating there would be no further action. There was no apology for the original letter which had got it all wrong, as it now transpired.  As I had been retired for six years I only kept paperwork for five years.

Beware of the ATO and Centrelink checking on innocent people, going back years.

I agree that people who rort the system should be caught. But I don’t understand how the ATO and Centrelink could get my workplace and pay so wrong. What a waste of time and taxpayers money.

Sylvia Glanville







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